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Water Softener Installation

Serving Owatonna, Faribault & Northfield, MN

It is common for water to contain hard elements such as calcium. When these elements are present in your water then you have "hard water". Hard water is not going to cause any serious damage to your health, but it can cause damage to different areas of your home or business. A lot of times people do not even know that they have hard water until they know what they are looking for. If your home of business has hard water then you might start to notice signs of staining in areas such as:

• Sinks
• Tubs
• Showers
• Deposits on your glassware

In addition, you might notice dryness of your skin or other signs of skin irritation. Hard water can be softened by removing these harsh elements. This is done so by installing a water softening system in your home or business. If you think that you have hard water then contact our plumbing company to learn more about our water softening services by calling us at, (507) 334-6409