Backflow Prevention in Owatonna, Faribault & Northfield, MN

Backflow Prevention Inspection & Testing

Faribo Plumbing and Heating is a certified ASSE company that can offer many solutions to backflow prevention. Our plumbing company can provide you with extensive knowledge about where backflow prevention is needed and required. Our blackflow services include:

• Inspection
• Testing
• Certifying your backflow assemblies

Faribo Plumbing and Heating is a plumbing company that is dedicated to the health and well being of all our customers, and it all starts with the water we drink.

Faribo Plumbing and Heating keeps a record of all backflows assemblies we test and certify. We also register your backflow assembly with the State of Minnesota and local City.

Faribo Plumbing & Heating recommends these standards to prevent backflow which include:



  • Air Gap
  • Reduced Pressure principle back pressure backflow preventer
  • Double check valve assembly
  • Pressure Type vacuum breaker
  • Type vacuum breaker
  • Barometric Loop