toilet installation

We'll Get You Ready to Flush in Owatonna, Faribault & Northfield, MN

Hire a professional to take care of your toilet installation

Replacing a toilet may not seem like a difficult task, but it's quite easy to cause leaks or porcelain cracks. The professional plumbers of Faribo Plumbing & Heating are prepared to handle all your toilet services, including installations and repairs. We'll make sure you have the proper wax seal before installing your toilet. We'll also secure the water line and bolts for a proper fit. Hire our plumbing company by calling (507) 334-6409 to take care of your residential or commercial toilet services today!

We'll help you find the right style

These days, one toilet doesn't necessarily fit all. The market has been flooded with an array of options. When choosing the right toilet for your home, you should keep in mind:

The style of toilet
The type of bowl
The water efficiency
The technology options
The height of the seat

From soft-closing lids to double-flush options, you know about all the available choices when making a decision for your home or office. Contact Faribo Plumbing & Heating to schedule toilet installations in Faribault or surrounding areas including Northfield and Owatonna.